Targeting Employers

Employers prefer to hire employees that already know about their industry and their company. This exercise will help you organize the information you find about your target employers.

Use Research occupations, industries, and companies (pdf)
to target your job search.


Contacting Employers
Once you know a bit about your target employers, you can email them. Use the Employer Contact Script (pdf) to help write your email. If you feel like you have a good connection, offer to send a cover letter and resume.   

How to E-Mail Employers
Use a simple e-mail address with your name or initials for your job search. Don't use inappropriate nicknames or jokes like ""
Start the e-mail with something of interest to the reader. Let them know right away why you are writing and how you can help their business.
Write the e-mail the same way you would a letter. Don't use online acronyms such as OMG, LOL, etc.
Have a subject line that is clear and interesting.
At the end of your message, tell the employer you plan to follow-up. Give them another way to contact you such as your phone number. If you sent the e-mail without them knowing, ask if they want you to keep in touch with them in another way.
Check for the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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