Connect with People Online

One way to meet contacts using the Internet is through “social networking.” You can use social networking websites for job search. If you use them, think about your goals. Make sure what you write on these sites is well written. Get feedback about what you have posted. Use your 30 Second Commercial. People sometimes post their resume on these sites.

Be careful.

  • Never list your address, phone number, or bank accounts. Don’t give anyone your social security number.
  • Be positive. Don’t argue with people online. It is likely that employers will see everything you post.
  • Scammers may try to sell you training or job search assistance that should be free. 
Common Social Networking Websites
LinkedIn (the Global Professional Conference)
  • Many professionals use LinkedIn. They connect with others in their career field. They learn about events and trends.
  • LinkedIn can be used to research employers.
  • Start by creating a profile on this site. This lists your skills, career goals, and past jobs.
  • Connect with people you know. You can ask them to post references for you. You can find others in your field by seeing the contacts from people you know. You can ask to add them to your “connections.”
  • You can also search for groups with your career interests. These groups update information often. You can ask questions and get job leads in these groups.
Twitter (the Largest Global Cocktail Party)
  • Twitter sends very short messages to many people at one time.
  • You can use it to update "followers" on your career or find job leads.
  • Employers use it to tell people about job openings. They also use it to find out more about applicants.
  • Job seekers post their basic information. They may link to their resumes or blogs. 
Facebook (the Global Backyard Barbeque)
  • Facebook is a place to connect with your friends and people they know. You make connections with people who share your interests.
  • You can search for people who work at employers you’d like to learn about. You can ask to connect with them about your job search.
  • Make sure you don't share things on Facebook that you would not want your future employers to know.

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